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Some of my friends already know what they want to study in college and where they want to attend college. I have no clue. Should I know this stuff? – Complete Slacker

Dear Complete Slacker,

I think you might find that many other girls would fit into the “complete slacker” club, so don’t be so hard on yourself. Take some pressure off of yourself and have fun with thinking about these options. All decisions made in high school regarding future plans are subject to change. After you graduate high school you shouldn’t be expected to know what you want to do in life. You haven’t really seen enough of each profession to know what it would be like to work day in and day out for the rest of your life in a field of study. Even after completing college many people do not enter jobs related to their degree.

If you are interested in planning for the future now here’s some advice: ask your parents about it, and work with your guidance counselor at school. Check out some college Web sites (first get permission). The first place to look at colleges is locally. Attending college is expensive; curb some of those costs by considering a technical college in the area to complete general education courses like math, composition, etc., and to avoid out of state fees that incur when attending college in a different state. Consider a general field of study such as business just in case you decide to change your mind down the road about what you want to do. Talk to God about it. Ask Him to direct your steps. Understand that He gives you talents and interests in wherever He intends to lead you.

While you are in high school and college, check out opportunities to help you investigate a job you find interest in. Your guidance counselor should be able to set you up with job shadowing opportunities. My senior year I job shadowed at two local news stations. After those experiences I realized that news anchors, reporters, and editors must be on call round the clock to report the news, and the broadcast field has a high divorce rate. So I decided to stick with writing by pursuing journalism. What I actually graduated with was psychology. However, I still use my love of writing in my job. The point is that at your age you could never know what the future holds for you. Talk to God, learn what your strengths, talents, and desires are, and look into fields of study which are general and can be applied across a wide variety of jobs. And enjoy your time in high school.

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