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The Loft Archives

  • I'm SO Bored...

    In a world full of cell phones, TVs, Wiis, and PlayStations, it seems like no one should ever be bored, but even with all of these gadgets at our fingertips, sometimes boredom creeps in. Sometimes it can be hard to think of things to do to keep ourselves occupied, especially without the help of some sort of technology to help in the activity planning. Here are a few gadget-free ideas sure to curb your boredom.

  • Surprise Party

    I love surprises. As much as I always insist that I don’t like surprises for my birthday, I totally love them. The most fun surprise of all is the surprise birthday party. However, the couple of days right before the surprise birthday party can be kind of a bummer.


  • Back Away from the Cell Phone…

    What did we do without cell phones? I remember driving down the road as a little girl and thinking about how cool it would be to have a phone that you could use in the car. (I know this is making me sound like Methuselah, but I promise I'm not that old.)

  • Who are You Watching?

    When I think about the women who really had an impact on my life, there’s not a Britney, Christina, or Jessica among them. Mostly, this is due to the fact that I was not lacking female role models, though the names of my role models are much less recognizable.

  • A Pageant with Values

    When you think of a pageant you might picture women on parade in swimsuits while judges score them on how well they strut in high heels. But the Miss Teen of America pageant celebrates a girl’s character as reflected in her school performance and activities. The recently chosen Miss Teen of America, 17–year–old Danielle Yaros, is a girl who is more interested in representing Christ well than in looking beautiful.

  • The Art of Healing

    In February, 1998, I was 17 in Bombay, India. I walked down an alley in the heart of the city with my parents, and stepped into an apartment where a group of 12 girls awaited us. I remember these girls all being around my age—the youngest was 11 and the oldest was probably 20. We were welcomed with smiling faces and an atmosphere that is hard to describe. Peace. But with a quiet joy that I like to think comes from finding real love after a life of Hell.